Cost Effective Corrosion and Fatigue Monitoring for Transport Products

EC-funded project under 7th framework programme

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Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade (ISQ)

ISQ is a private, service oriented and non-profit making technical and scientific organisation, with a staff of 800, which provides consultancy services, performs R&D in several scientific areas and also renders technical inspections and laboratory testing to industry.
ISQ provides technologically advanced and traditional engineering services as well as training and technology transfer to different manufacturing industries in Portugal and abroad. Over the past ten years, ISQ has been involved in many High Tech research projects (more than two hundred), nationally and EC funded whose results have provided a strong know-how in the different areas of ISQ activity and have helped to increase national competitiveness of industry. ISQ participates for many years in many different standardisation technical committees for International and European Standards in domains from the machine directive (for which ISQ is a standardisation body) to Robotics.
The main industrial partners where ISQ acts among others are Maritime transport, road and railway infrastructure. Due this wide involvement ISQ is ideal for the generic approach for the follow-up tests.
By its involvement in many international and European technical organisations its cooperation will be used also mainly for the more strategic approach to the solution of the problems.

Key personnel

Dr. Gervásio Pimenta, Head of Laboratory for Materials and Metallurgy (LABMM) of Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade (ISQ)
  • Dr. Gervásio Pimenta, Head of Laboratory for Materials and Metallurgy (LABMM) of ISQ, graduated in Technological Chemistry, Universidade de Lisboa (1987) and PhD in Materials Engineering, Universidade Nova de Lisboa (1996). Skilled in electrochemistry of materials, his current research interests relate to corrosion behaviour of materials in industrial environments and in-situ corrosion measuring techniques.
  • Dr. Manuel Gomes, Head of Laboratory of Mechanical Behaviour of Materials (LABMEC) of ISQ is a Metallurgical Engineer, PhD, with more than 15 years experience in powder metallurgy, metallography, materials testing, fracture mechanics and mechanisms. Participation in several national and international R&D projects, experience as Project Manager of a GROWTH Fifth Framework project “Weld Strength for High Temperature Components Design and Operation - WELDON” for which ISQ was the Project Coordinator.
  • Eng. Mario Paulo Ribeiro, Senior Engineer graduating in Mechanical Engineering and Thermodynamics from Instituto Superior Técnico (I.S.T.), Lisbon. MSc in Mechanical Engineering - Computer Aided Design - Instituto Superior Técnico  (IST), Lisbon. Since March 2001 working as researcher on the R&D Division, accompanying and participating on the development of robotised maintenance and inspection solutions in international projects. Also participates on other tasks related with development of R&D ideas on inspection and maintenance assumed by ISQ in different industrial areas such as combustible transportation, petrochemical, oil, power generation and others.
  • Dr. César Boynard, Materials and Mechanical Engineer, PhD, specialist on research, development and application of advanced Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) based on conventional and automated ultrasonic techniques. His current activities include consulting and development of methodologies with different ultrasonic techniques, e.g. Phased Array, TOFD, EMAT and Guided Wave for Probability of Detection (POD) and Flaw Sizing.
  • António Fernando Barata Correia da Cruz, Chartered Mechanical Engineer, Director of Maintenance and Structural Integrity of ISQ, 30 years experience in inspection and structural integrity assessment of industrial installations, e.g., Power plants, chemical, petrochemical and oil processing. Participation and coordination of national and international R&D projects in the area of material behaviour, inspection techniques and robotics, e.g., SPRINT - SP 235 – Robot Welding System for Small Batch Production; EUREKA - EU 759 - AQUA – Advanced High Quality Production by the use of an overall system Architecture for small batches; BRITE EURAM - BE 3490 - Arc Sensored Robot Welding of 3 Dimensional Seams Without Programming the Weld Path, and Robtank Inspec – In-service inspection robotized tool for tanks filled with hazardous liquids. Several publications in the related fields.
  • Mário Paulo e Silva Ribeiro, Senior Engineer graduated in Mechanical Engineering - Computer Aided Design, 8 years as researcher on R&D European projects, participating on the development of robotized solutions. Participation on other tasks related with development of R&D ideas for different industrial sectors for inspection and maintenance as Hydrocarbons transportation, petrochemical, oil, power generation and others, always related with automatic inspection tools. Participation in Robtank Inspec project that was coordinated by ISQ, aiming the development of a robotized system for in-service inspection of hazardous products storage tanks. Responsible for the pipelines integrity management area on ISQ. 13 years of industrial experience in several different industrial branches as petrochemical, pipelines and pharmaceutical.
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